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Hanfic Genre Challenge

Renee C (mizzc) and I have decided to host our own Hanson fan fiction writing challenge. This challenge will be based on library book genres and there will be 2 spots per genre for the taking!
We have peaked a lot of interest with our fellow Hanfic writing peers so check out the site, read the rules and genres, and start planning!
Sign ups are OPEN NOW and the actual writing begins February 2nd!
You can do a short piece, a long chapter series, a collaboration, etc. We're leaving all of that up to you!
The only thing is we have set specific genre types that must be followed in order to participate such as Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Autobiography, Young Adult, and more! Spots are going quickly and some genres are already completely filled!
Let us know if you're interested and join us in the ultimate winter, writing challenge!
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