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another update

ALL ENTRIES ARE FRIENDS ONLY AT MY LJ **except for chapter one which is the teaser**

Title: Revelations
Author: Maria (Hansongirl97)
Beta: Courtney (cocohanson) Thank you for being AWESOME!!!
Pairing: Zac Hanson/Taylor Hanson (Zaylor)
Point of View: Taylor **pay attention to this**
Chapter: 4/13
Previous Chapters: 1. Gimme just one night, 2. The way you want me, 3. Stay the night,
Chapter Word Count: 762 ((hey, the last one was super long so this one ended up a bit short.  sorry!))
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Chapter Info: Taylor feels broken hearted about doing the right thing instead of the thing that he should have done. **some of the words in Taylor's diary entry are credited to 98degrees - see the link to lyrics**
Author note: Story title and chapter titles based on the 98 degrees album "Revelation" I will provide a link to the lyrics of each song with the chapter it pertains to incase you aren't familiar with 98 degrees.  This story is dedicated to Beth (comic_heroine) who's pretty much amazing in every possible way!!!
Link to Lyrics: Yesterday's Letter

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