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'A Halloween HanFic' - Zac/OFC, NC-17, Short story

I’ve decided to re-post an old fanfiction of mine. It was written circa 2005 around Christmas, though it’s actually a Halloween story. :-S It was originally posted somewhere that unfortunately no longer exists, so I’m putting it up seeing it is its 5 year anniversary.

Title: A Halloween HanFic (now posted on a new LJ)
Author: [info]NanniClover (my new pseudonym)
Chapters: 3
Status: Complete
Genre: Erotica
Pairings: Zac/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Strong Language & Strong Sexual Content
Saturday – The Halloween Party (Part 1)
Callie gets dragged to a Halloween party, by her best friend Megan, and finds more than just the regular fun night she expected, when long lost past comes to leave her speechless.

Sunday – The Day After (Part 2)
The day after the Halloween party, Megan calls and visits her friend Callie to question her about her mysterious departure from the party, arrange the finishing touches of their tradition, challenge her friend and tell her the great big news.

Monday – The Halloween Night (Part 3)
When Callie thinks she’s greeting her best friend, Megan, for a night of all girls’ fun, she is totally surprised by an unexpected visit. Will she freeze once more or open up to the amazing night that can be waiting for her? Will he get over his fears and doubts or will he be too chicken and let his chance slide through his fingers? Check out the final part to the beginning of Callie & Zac’s story.

(1) If you want some visuals of the characters or places check out A Halloween HanFic – Callie, Zac & Bedroom – Polaroids.

(2) 'A Halloween HanFic' is a Zac short story in three parts; it was my first finished work ever! It was also my first fanfic, my first erotica, the first time I ever wrote something in English and the first time I ever posted anything of mine for others to read.

This story's writing hasn't been reviewed since it was written. Though there are things I would change, I decided to leave it the way it is so I can accompany my progress in writing. Still, I have to say, I don’t think the end result is that bad considering it was the outcome of so many firsts.

Link: A Halloween HanFic
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